NYRR Deep Water Running

NYRR Deep Water Running is a non-impact form of running done in place in the water wearing a flotation belt. Move your arms and legs as though you're running on land; the water adds another layer of challenge to the workout.

This seven-week course is directed by Robert J. Valentin, the founder and program director of Blue Ocean Swimming. Valentin has more than 25 years of experience empowering beginners to overcome their fear of the water and motivating and training all types of athletes to help them achieve their goals.


  • Non-impact exercise for aerobic fitness
  • Simulates land running and provides cross-training for runners
  • Class sessions include imaginary cross country courses, interval training, hill pacing, and sprint
  • Beginners welcome
Register for this class

There are Monday evening (7:00 p.m.), Tuesday evening (7:30 p.m.), Wednesday morning (6:30 a.m.), Wednesday evening (6:45 p.m.), Thursday evening (7:00 p.m.), and Friday evening (6:30 p.m.) sessions; seven classes per session. You may register for only one class per week and your commitment to that scheduled class is for the full seven-class session.

Please note: There will be no Deep Water Running sessions on the following dates: Monday, February 20; Monday, July 3; Tuesday, July 4; Monday, October 9; Thursday, November 23; Friday, November 24.

Session NameDay of the WeekStart DateLocation
17ATuesdayJan. 392nd Street Y
17BWednesdayJan. 4St. Bart's Church
17B-AWednesdayJan. 492nd Street Y
17CThursdayJan. 5St. Bart's Church
17DFridayJan. 692nd Street Y
17EMondayJan. 23John Jay College
17FTuesdayFeb. 2192nd Street Y
17GWednesdayFeb. 22St. Bart's Church
17G-AWednesdayFeb. 2292nd Street Y
17HThursdayFeb. 23St. Bart's Church
17IFridayFeb. 2492nd Street Y
17JMondayMarch 20John Jay College
17KTuesdayApril 492nd Street Y
17LWednesdayApril 5St. Bart's Church
17L-AWednesdayApril 592nd Street Y
17MThursdayApril 6St. Bart's Church
17NFridayApril 792nd Street Y
17OMondayMay 15John Jay College
17PTuesdayMay 2392nd Street Y
17QWednesdayMay 24St. Bart's Church
17Q-AWednesdayMay 2492nd Street Y
17RThursdayMay 25St. Bart's Church
17SFridayMay 2692nd Street Y
17TMondayJuly 17John Jay College
17UTuesdayJuly 1892nd Street Y
17VWednesdayJuly 5St. Bart's Church
17V-AWednesdayJuly 592nd Street Y
17WThursdayJuly 6St. Bart's Church
17XFridayJuly 792nd Street Y
17YMondaySept. 11John Jay College
17ZTuesdaySept. 592nd Street Y
17Z-2WednesdaySept. 6St. Bart's Church
17Z-2-AWednesdaySept. 692nd Street Y
17Z-3ThursdaySept. 7St. Bart's Church
17Z-4FridaySept. 892nd Street Y
17Z-5MondayNov. 6John Jay College
17Z-6TuesdayOct. 2492nd Street Y
17Z-7WednesdayOct. 25St. Bart's Church
17Z-7-AWednesdayOct. 2592nd Street Y
17Z-8ThursdayOct. 26St. Bart's Church
17Z-9FridayOct. 2792nd Street Y

Class Locations by Session

92nd Street Y, 1395 Lexington Avenue

John Jay College, 899 10th Avenue (between West 58th and 59th streets). Take the escalator down one level and then take the elevator to the basement. The pool is on the left.

St. Bartholomew’s Church, 325 Park Avenue (between East 50th and 51st streets)

Classes are 45 minutes and limited to 30 participants. Each class consists of a stretching and strengthening warm-up, a 30-minute aerobic workout, and a cool-down of gentle stretching. Because Deep Water Running is stationary, people of all levels can be in class side by side. (There are no make-up classes after the session ends.)

What to Wear/What to Bring
Bring a bathing suit and towel. A water bottle is recommended. Flotation belts are provided, and locker rooms and showers are available.

Fees Per Session
NYRR Members: $150
Non-Members: $160

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